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Why the Gonstead System Is the Leader in Chiropractic Techniques

Why the Gonstead System Is the Leader in Chiropractic Techniques

During a chiropractic adjustment, chances are you’re receiving a treatment that combines a variety of chiropractic systems to meet the needs of your body. The Gonstead system is one of those systems, and it dates back to the first half of the 20th century. 

Formerly an auto mechanic, Dr. Clarence Gonstead entered chiropractic college after a life-changing chiropractic treatment for his arthritis. After graduation, Dr. Gonstead developed a treatment system informed by his mechanical aptitude. 

Today, the Gonstead system is a leading chiropractic technique, still regarded as the standard of hands-on chiropractic treatment. The practitioners at Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport, located in New York, New York, use this “analyze and focus” approach for many of their patients. Here’s what makes the Gonstead system such an effective approach. 

5-step analysis

The Gonstead process uses a thorough assessment process that goes beyond that of other chiropractic systems. These five steps include: 

After the detailed analysis, a Gonstead chiropractor develops a specific and precise treatment that pinpoints areas of subluxation (misalignment). A key principle of the Gonstead system is minimal intervention, only using what is needed to improve the dynamics of the spinal discs to restore normal function in your spine. 

Benefits of the Gonstead system

Upon locating the subluxation, our team corrects it and then lets your body heal itself. Your adjustment may release pressure on a nerve stem, often providing prompt relief, though that isn’t a primary goal of treatment. 

Instead, Gonstead’s technique seeks to restore your body to a balanced state. Correcting a subluxation typically restores blood flow in the area, which provides the resources necessary for natural healing, including reduced inflammation and repair of damaged tissue. 

The unifying principle covering all chiropractic systems is to support your body’s ability to heal itself. Instead of focusing on symptom relief without addressing the underlying issue, our team’s goal is to remove impediments to healing. 

Find out more about the Gonstead system and how it can help you by contacting our office by phone or online to arrange a personal consultation and examination today.

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