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ConnecTX Approach


ConnecTX Therapy is one of the instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) system used by the clinicians here in Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport. It utilizes a double-beveled edged instrument to comfortably fit the varied tissues and shapes and curves of the patient’s body while allowing optimal positioning and flexibility for the clinician to treat patients. ConnecTX Therapy utilizes evidence-based, research-reflective data to achieve continuous clinical improvement via NIH’s PROMIS® (National Institute of Health’s Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System). It is also duly registered with the FDA. Every ConnecTX clinician completes extensive training, achieves certification, and contributes research to advance and optimize techniques and outcomes. Dr. Cueto is a registered and certified ConnecTX clinician and has contributed to research and data for the NIH. Dr. Hom is currently completing his certification for ConnecTX Therapy. ConnecTX Therapy is also the only instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization developed and used by Doctors of Chiropractic.

For patients, when your chiropractor practices ConnecTX therapy, you are able to get better, faster and achieve a complete pain relief with improved range of motion and increased flexibility.

ConnecTX therapy is a safe procedure with minimal side effects when properly executed by a certified practitioner. Patient tolerance, treatment intensity, and frequency are taken into consideration to minimize the likelihood of adverse effects. However, as with almost any treatment plan, your doctor should discuss possible side effects with you.

There are possible side effects include inflammation. The inflammatory processes can be stimulated during the treatment process, and symptoms can temporarily increase. Usually mild to moderate, these are easily controlled with cryotherapy (chilling the affected area) in either the practitioner’s office or at home. Other potential side effects include redness, bruising, petechiae, ecchymosis, welting and soreness.  Please consult with your trained ConnecTX practitioner if you have additional questions.

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Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport

Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport is Midtown Manhattan's premier general and family chiropractic center. Patients in and around New York City come to Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport for comprehensive care of sports injuries, corrective exercises, massage therapy, chiropractic care, ergonomic recommendations, joint and knee pain treatment, and for rehab from injury. The board-certified physicians are compassionate, thorough, and caring.

Patients of the center experience comprehensive chiropractic care from board certified physicians. Their muscle and soft tissue therapy go beyond alignment of joints to solve problems within the muscle fibers themselves such as myofascial adhesions - knots where muscles and skin bunch up also called trigger points. 

Services begin with examination and evaluation to determine the cause of primary complaints. Other services include corrective rehabilitation and exercise which focus on posture, strengthening and muscle building. Their medical-grade massage therapy is perfect for sports injury recovery. Medical massage is another very effective option which is part of treatment programs at the practice. The physical therapists and physicians work together to provide each patient with the care and treatment they need to feel their best.

By correcting posture and strengthening muscles, patients who visit Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport can increase their flexibility and improve their overall health. This can help patients who visit the office avoid re-injuring themselves and also stay pain-free. Preventative and proactive health care are prime principals at Herald Square Chiropractic and Sports.  The goal here is always recovery, pain control, and prevention.

The practice welcomes all new patients and can work with various insurance providers and financial situations.

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Accepted Insurances

Listed are the major insurance providers we accept. For more information regarding specific plans, please call our office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Oxford (UnitedHealthcare)

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    "Best care I could ask for! My wife, my sons, my in~laws, parents... heck, my whole extended family has been treated and living much healthier and happier for it!"

    James M.
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    "The staff is beyond friendly, and you feel as if you are part of the Herald Square Chiropractic family from the moment you walk into the door."

    William K.
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    "Acute knowledge, amazing staff, highly recommended...I've been to 5+ chiropractors over the past 4 years and Dr. Cueto is by far-and-away the best I've worked with."

    Dan R.
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