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Joint Pain Relief Specialist

Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport

Chiropractor located in Midtown, New York, NY

Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport provides comprehensive care for patients in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York City. Our board-certified chiropractors work to meet the individual needs of each patient as they focus on providing joint pain relief, increasing mobility, and building strength.

Joint Pain Relief

What Kinds of Services does Herald Square Chiropractic and Sports Offer to Treat Joint Pain?

One of the primary treatments for joint pain is chiropractic care. By evaluating the joint position and correcting joints that are not aligned they can help to reduce or alleviate pain. Sometimes the joint is not the only issue, and they offer soft tissue treatment that helps reduce trigger points or muscle groups that stick together. Muscles that do not slide or move correctly can pull joints out of alignment. In addition to correcting muscle knots, Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport offers corrective rehab which helps patients build stronger muscles that help to support the joints. By correcting posture issues, too, joints have less stress. By treating the entire problem, the Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport help people become pain-free, stronger, and more mobile. 

What Are Trigger Points? 

Trigger points are small knots that occur when two sets of muscle become bound together. Muscles can also adhere to the skin. When this happens, it prevents the freedom of movement, and our body begins to compensate. That compensation can lead to joint problems and symptoms of pain. Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport offers soft tissue therapy that helps locate and remove trigger points. The service is a little different from massage, and it is an excellent tool for ensuring that muscles move as designed. 

Are There Things I can Do to Help Improve Joint Health?

Absolutely. Following a prescribed exercise program is one way to lose weight, gain strength and improve your overall joint health. By eating a nutritious diet, you also give your body the building blocks to heal and support healthy joints. Ask the doctors at Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport for more ways to help yourself build healthier joints and a healthier body.

Accepted Insurances

Listed are the major insurance providers we accept. For more information regarding specific plans, please call our office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Oxford (UnitedHealthcare)