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Sports Medicine Specialist

Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport

Chiropractor located in Midtown, New York, NY

Sports Medicine is one of the key specialties at Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport in New York City. The Midtown Manhattan team employs a comprehensive, full-body approach to treating a variety of sports-related injuries in order to provide not only relief but long term success

Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with athletic fitness and the treatment of injuries related to exercise. While sports medicine practitioners spend the majority of their time treating muscle injuries, sports medicine also encompasses unexplained underperformance, nutrition considerations, and heart and lung efficiency. If you are struggling with a sports or fitness-related injury or if your performance is lagging behind your expectations, a visit to a sports medicine practitioner will reveal ways to regain or improve your athletic performance.

What is a Chiropractic Sports Physician? 

In order to be considered a Chiropractic Sports Physician, you must be board-certified by the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians. To do so, a chiropractor must have completed 100 hours of post-graduate education in a Certified Sports Physicians program from an accredited chiropractic college and pass the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Exam. Dr. Cueto of Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport completed his board certification in 2011 with a specialty in Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercises. According to Josh Glass, a USA Track and Field chiropractor for the 2012 Olympics, the hands-on treatments an athlete receives from a physical therapist, massage therapist, or chiropractor is “by far one of the most beneficial things someone can do to get an injury to heal quicker.”

What Procedures does a Chiropractic Sports Physician Perform?

Manipulation of the spine and extremities can place an athlete's body in the proper position for optimal performance. Additionally, Chiropractic Sports Physicians can perform myofascial and soft tissue therapies to relieve pain as well as allow the body to maintain the proper spinal alignment. Not only do these treatments increase circulation, relax the muscles, and relieve muscle pain, they have also proven to reduce swelling and aid in recovery and range of motion, aiding in a long term solution. 

Accepted Insurances

Listed are the major insurance providers we accept. For more information regarding specific plans, please call our office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Oxford (UnitedHealthcare)