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4 Benefits of Massage Therapy if You're an Athlete

4 Benefits of Massage Therapy if You're an Athlete

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to gain the benefits offered by sports massage therapy. It’s a great way to remain comfortable after the game and optimize your performance. A tailored massage therapy program addresses your body’s unique needs. 

Massage is also an excellent complement to chiropractic care with Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport. Balance and alignment of the spine optimize the fundamental mechanics of your body. At the same time, massage gets the best from your soft tissue. It’s a combination that must be felt to be believed. 

If you’re an athlete — at any level — you need to know these four benefits that sports massage therapy adds to your game.

How sports massage is different

There’s no question that a massage feels great. It is relaxing and meditational — calming both mind and body. 

You'll feel relaxed and recharged at the end of a sports massage session, and your body will feel the difference. 

4 benefits of sports massage therapy

The benefits of massage therapy for athletes are many and often depend on the demands of your particular sport or workout routine. Massage can also work on isolated points of performance like flexibility and range of motion. 

There are four general benefits that massage offers to all athletes. Let’s take a look at these. 

1. Increased circulation

Your heart isn’t the only source of circulation in your body. The movement of muscles also provides pumping action, returning blood to the heart and lungs for reoxygenation. 

Sports, exercise, and even movement throughout the day create this pumping as muscles expand and contract. The pressure from sports massage techniques provides an additional boost, typically focused on congested areas where you exert effort through your game or workout. Since your blood delivers the restorative building blocks of healing, sports massage improves recovery efficiency.  

2. Lymphatic flow

The lymphatic system supports the circulatory system by filtering the metabolic waste produced by physical exertion, like lactic acid. Though lymph ducts are a one-way route, unlike the round trip of the circulatory system, massage increases active levels of lymphocytes — cells that help the immune system do its job. 

3. Improved recovery times

Once the exertion of a big game is over, preparation for the next competition begins. Your sports massage session helps deliver the resources for recovery. It removes blockages like myofascial pressure points to offer more efficient and natural healing. 

4. Reduced chance of injury

Muscle tension restricts motion and flexibility. Without relieving this tension, you’re more likely to experience a muscle injury under game conditions when you’re not fully recovered. In fact, overextending tissue is easier when muscles are tense. 

Get back on your game fast with sports massage therapy through Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport. Book your appointment online or by calling our Midtown Manhattan office directly today.

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