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4 Ways Ergonomics Can Improve Your Workspace

4 Ways Ergonomics Can Improve Your Workspace

Workplace injuries don’t always start with an accident or event. They can take the form of musculoskeletal disorders that develop over time, affecting blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons due to the body mechanics required by job tasks. 

Ergonomics studies the effects of work on the human body. Its goal is to prevent worker injuries and lost time by optimizing job performance. It’s an important part of health and safety on the job. 

At Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport, we see our share of workplace injuries resulting from poor ergonomic conditions. We’re ergonomics specialists, and chiropractic care is a natural match for these injuries. 

We can help you recover from musculoskeletal disorders and provide the information and knowledge needed to avoid future or recurring workplace injuries. Today, we’ll examine four ways ergonomics can improve your workspace and keep you healthy. 

Reducing pain

The philosophy of ergonomics seeks to develop a space that works with you and not against you. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing a few items to support healthy posture, or you might need a major overhaul of a workstation to reduce strain and stress on your body. 

The primary goal is the elimination of injury and pain. Chronic musculoskeletal conditions don’t check out at quitting time. They follow you home and interfere with aspects of your life far removed from your workspace.

We can help by identifying movements and postures causing your symptoms and recommending alternate approaches and practices that relieve repeated motions that cause the strain that accumulates into injury. 

Reducing pain is the initial priority. Preventing its return comes next. 

Improved efficiency

Addressing ergonomics to revamp a workspace often produces the natural bonus of improved productivity. You’ll work more efficiently if you’re not in pain, but addressing ergonomics also goes beyond that. 

For instance, placing job materials in a way that removes bending or squatting to retrieve them eliminates stress on your body. 

Less lost time

A day off is nice now and again, but not when it’s due to a work injury. For example, hourly workers who miss time have an associated drop in pay. 

Salaried employees might miss out on opportunities if they miss time frequently because of chronic injuries and pain. 

So, everyone benefits when there are fewer missed days. 

Work-life balance

Pain from workplace injuries doesn’t take time off when you clock out. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and back pain interfere with the time you should spend relaxing and pursuing personal activities and interests. 

We can help you with existing injuries. Call or click to book an examination and treatment with Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport in New York City today. 

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