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Excessive Sitting Could Be Contributing to Your Back Pain

Excessive Sitting Could Be Contributing to Your Back Pain

As many as one-quarter of American adults report an incident of back pain in the last three months. Lower back pain is prevalent, affecting 80% of adults at some point in their lives. In many cases, the pain improves over time, but it can recur or become a chronic issue. 

It’s best to avoid back pain before it happens. But if your lifestyle includes long periods of sitting down, you could be contributing to your next round of lower back pain. Poor posture when seated generates strain on the vertebral discs that separate and cushion the bones of your spine. 

Sitting too much could be why you’re experiencing back pain. Look to the back pain relief specialists at Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport, located in Manhattan, New York City, when problems arise. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what excessive sitting can do to your body. You may be able to make changes that limit your back pain. 

The cost of sitting

One of the most common causes of back pain is postural stress. Unbalanced posture creates loads on your musculoskeletal system that it’s not meant to support. A sitting position puts more strain on your lower back than while standing. When you slouch, shift, or slump, your frame absorbs even more unbalanced pressure. 

That leads to a cascade of physical issues. Leg postures when sitting can cause a forward tilt of the pelvis, which affects the core muscles of the abdomen. When those muscles lose tone, it affects your body mechanics when you move. 

Common bad posture habits emerge, usually based on the tasks you perform and how you perform them. These habits include: 

Perhaps the most significant bad habit related to sitting is duration. Much of the population simply sits too much. Until pain begins, sitting can be comfortable, but your body is designed for movement, and it works best when you’re in motion. 

Constant movement is part of the biodesign of your body. For example, blood has difficulty returning to your heart from your legs. Your leg veins receive a pumping boost from the muscles of your legs when you walk. Blood flow is also a crucial part of helping to repair your body. When you have back pain, adding gentle activity as soon as possible is often the best way to get past the episode. 

Poor posture and unbalanced muscles can hold your body out of alignment. That’s where Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport can help. Our chiropractic process is built around correcting alignment so your body can heal itself more efficiently. 

As a bonus, chiropractic care often provides fast relief from lower back pain, speeding your recovery and helping you return to your daily routine. Contact our team at Herald Square by phone or online to schedule a consultation and treatment. We’ll help you out of the chair and out of discomfort. Book an appointment now.

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