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How a Sports Massage Goes Beyond Relaxation

How a Sports Massage Goes Beyond Relaxation

Sports massage is a collection of techniques aimed at athletes and anyone who experiences stress and strain on their bodies. Rather than a treatment geared to stress relief and relaxation, sports massage targets tissue recovery and musculoskeletal performance. 

You can learn more about the specific benefits of sports massage with a visit to Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport in Midtown, New York City. As massage therapy specialists, our team can tailor your massage session to suit your condition, whether you’re recovering from injury or seeking to improve your game. 

Principles of sports massage

Any form of massage involves the manual manipulation of tissue by your practitioner. There is a wide range of manipulation techniques available to combine into a session that addresses a person’s needs. 

For an active athlete, the massage may be before, during, or after an event. Pre-event training may target tension release caused by training. This type of regimen may taper from intense massage to lighter sessions closer to an event. 

Massage sessions during a game can relieve cramps or muscle pain. These aren’t intense and don’t last long. The goal is to refresh the muscles and give the athlete a mid-game boost. 

Post-event massage begins the recovery phase after the athlete has cooled down and hydrated. This session addresses the effects of exertion while stimulating the body to aid recovery. 

How does sports massage apply to daily life? 

Not everyone is a pro athlete, though they can benefit from sports massage techniques. Holding a single position for long hours at work, whether sitting or standing, can take a toll on the musculoskeletal system. When your job regularly requires heavy lifting or other physical exertion, you could experience similar body conditions that benefit from massage. 

How a sports massage goes beyond relaxation

Generally, when you seek a massage to counter the effects of stress on both your body and mind, you want a relaxation massage. It is often a full sensory experience, including aromatherapy, music, soft lighting, and massage oils. Manual manipulations are similarly tuned toward relaxation. 

Sports massage may include some of the same manipulations as relaxation massage, particularly early in a session. As your body warms up and loosens, a sports massage moves into deep tissue massage and myofascial release — techniques that address the effects that physical exertion puts on your body. 

These techniques may be less comfortable. Many people recognize the sensations as “good” pain, therapeutic manipulations that help healing and recovery. Sports massage is typically symptom-focused. 

Contact Herald Square Chiropractic and Sport to learn more about your massage therapy options. You can schedule an appointment by phone or online. Book now to start enjoying the benefits of sports massage. 

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